We would like to encourage those who are concerned they or a loved one may be experiencing signs of dementia to come to us for support and guidance.  

We’ll offer practical advice and information on what next steps to take, what to expect during and after the diagnosis process, and what support Alzheimer’s Society can offer throughout - Because we believe it’s better to know. 

Please visit the Alzheimer's Society Website for more help and information or click here to find out more about symptoms and signs of dementia.

You can also contact Christiana Hartley Medical Practice if you are concerned about yourself as a patient. The Dementia Symptoms checklist has been developed by a number of clinicians and is designed to make the diagnosis process easier for both people affected by dementia and GPs.

Anyone concerned about symptoms such as memory loss can fill this in and take it along to a GP appointment supporting people to have a conversation about their symptoms with their GP.