The booklet* is available via the link below:

Assisting People with Dementia with their Personal Care: Ideas and Tips for Carers

*This booklet is for both family carers and care home staff. Although most ideas are applicable for both settings, there may be some ideas, which are not suitable for your situation.

It’s split into sections covering a variety of personal care areas such as nail care, medication, washing, going to the toilet and so on. The tips are in a quick read list which is easy to access. The tips and ideas presented are not guidance or instructions. They are a collection of actions and approaches which other caregivers have found useful. You may, or may not, think the ideas are worth trying in your situation. Everyone’s dementia journey is different – not all situations arise for all people. The ideas are not expected to work with every person, in all situations or at all times. The booklet was developed to be used as a reference book to dip into and choose anything that you think may be of use to you at different points during your caring journey. The booklet is for those caring for people in the moderate-to-advanced stages of dementia.