MyWay Diabetes contains information and resources that help you understand more about diabetes and explains how to manage the condition more effectively.

By registering, Patients can access their diabetes-related health records. Data is collected from your GP notes, hospital diabetes clinic records, eye screening service and laboratory blood tests. Please click here to view the patient leaflet and here to view e-learning material which you may find useful.

People who use the service say that it improves their knowledge and helps them meet goals, it improves motivation and acts as a reminder for discussions with medical staff during appointments. The service is not a replacement for your normal care, but helps you to monitor your results before, during and after contacts with your healthcare team.

If you are interested in accessing your diabetes records online, please go to the website and click the ‘Register’ button to securely enrol:

If you wish to find out more about the service before registering, please email the MyWay Diabetes team for more information:

We hope you find this service useful and the MyWay Diabetes team look forward to hearing from you.