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Roe Lane Surgery
In April 2021 Roe Lane merged with Christiana Hartley after its sole GP partner retired. The merger meant that continuous care and treatment could be provided to patients of Roe Lane.
Our practice published details of the merger on our website and we also informed patients by text and in person whenever we had the chance.
Roe Lane patients continued to be able to contact their practice using the same telephone number as always. Any face-to-face appointments that they needed were arranged either at Roe Lane or Christiana Hartley, depending on their individual or medical need.
Since early July 2021, Roe Lane Surgery has been a COVID-19 Contact Centre, only seeing and treating patients with COVID-19 symptoms. It means that all patients without COVID-19 symptoms have been seen by the team at Christiana Hartley Medical Practice if they have needed face-to-face appointments.

Christiana Hartley Medical Practice
There has been no change in access for Christiana Hartley patients as a result of the practices coming together.

Both practices
Like all other GP practices around the country, Roe Lane and Christiana Hartley have been required to work differently in line with COVID-19 guidelines since March 2020. This is to ensure our patients and staff remain safe. These measures include:

  • Asking you to make contact by telephone or online, rather than walking into the practices without an appointment
  • Assessing what help you need from this initial contact and getting you the right help you need from a member of the practice team or other service if necessary
  • Offering you a video or telephone appointment with a member of the practice team whenever it is medically appropriate

Importantly face-to-face appointments have continued throughout this period for anyone who needs to be seen in person.


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You can also find all this information in a single downloadable booklet.

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