Infection, Protection and Control

Annual Statement – November 2021 – November 2022


This annual statement will be generated each year for the previous year it will summarise:

· Details of any Infection Prevention and Control Audits undertaken, and actions undertaken.

· Any infection control incidents (which would have been reported as a significant event incident within the surgery).

· Details of staff training.

· Any updates of policies, procedures and guidelines.


The infection prevention and control leads within the surgery are Dr Adele Farrell, Practice Manager Debbie Elliott and Deputy Practice Manager, Shelley Wareing.

Significant Events:

There were no significant events regarding infection, protection and control in the last 12 months.

Infection, Prevention and Control audits carried out during this period are as follows:

o A weekly cleaning audit is carried out in the practice.

o Compliance with The Code Practice for General Practice checklist.

o Hand hygiene audit tool.

o Personal protective audit tool.

o Safe management of equipment audit.

o Safe management of the care environment audit.

o Infection Control, Environment, IPC Policies and Practices Audit – the surgery achieved 97% this is an increase of 0.99% from the previous year. Any issues identified have now been rectified.

o Infection, Prevention and Control Visit

An inspection took place on 8th November 2022, the surgery scored 94%. Recommendations have been looked at and the surgery has discarded any linen bed curtains and replaced all with disposable curtains.

Risk Assessments:

Risk assessments are carried out within the surgery on a regular basis to help try and identify any infection prevention and control issues. Below are some risk assessments that have been carried out. They are reviewed on an annual basis:

· Needle Stick Injuries – Reviewed November 2022

· Legionella Risk Assessment –Reviewed March 2021 – next review March 2023

· Use of Bleach – Reviewed November 2022

· Handling of Cytotoxic Drugs – Reviewed November 2022

· Oxygen Storage – November 2022

· Emergency Drugs in Treatment Room – Reviewed November 2022

· Chemicals – Reviewed November 2022

· Carpeted Area’s – Reviewed November 2022

Staff Training:

All clinical and administration staff have annual training at the surgery. Throughout the year staff are updated on policies. Any changes in guidance etc., are discussed at regular staff meetings. There is an IPC board in the staff room, which displays any relevant information for the staff to refer to.

Policies, Procedures and Guidance:

A new Infection, Prevention and Control policy folder was purchased in 2022, this contains all the necessary IPC policies. These policies, along with any other relevant policies are also available on the staff intranet. Policies are updated to comply with any new guidance.